Featured on Tayasui.com

As I have been using Tayasui Sketches App for 4 years, today I just got featured on Tayasui.com in Artist section. This makes me very happy because without this sketches app, I couldn’t find the art style that I like.

Of course, Tayasui is not the best drawing app available on the market, it also has some bugs like others but I think it is best fit for me and allowing me want to draw more. ❤

My lucky cat

I love all kind of Maneki-Neko (Japanese) which is beckoning cat, there are so many tales around this lucky cat. Whenever I visit Japan, I always bought some of them back.

Each type of cat’s colors and accessories have different meanings but I like Calico Cats the most just because they all remind me of my cat “LongLong“, and today I created one drawing which is very much look alike her.

here is another version for mobile phone wallpaper

The touch of wind

My second VDO on youtube, I think making time lapse drawing is fun. I usually watch other artists’ time lapse videos especially when they have beautiful music background. It is also not time consuming as other styles of contents.

I am looking forward to making more… please stay tuned!

here is the final, I keep it loose as I feel it comes natural in my style.